And the least-popular Beatles tracks on Spotify are ...

Enjoy The Beatles on Streaming Services Christmas Eve
Enjoy The Beatles on Streaming Services Christmas Eve

Sure, anyone can give you a list of the most-streamed Beatles songs, but wouldn't you rather listen to something different? Like, say, the least-streamed Beatles songs? As part of our efforts to bring you every Beatles playlist you could ever possibly need, we checked Spotify's public streaming counts to produce this list of the ten least-popular Beatles songs on the streaming service. The rankings are as of December 29; the very existence of this post may change things going forward. (Spotify would neither confirm nor deny that our calculations were correct.) Unsurprisingly, the least-streamed Beatles songs are mostly B-sides from the first half of the band's career, but there's something very fitting about the song that ended up lowest on the list. Check it out:

10. "Honey Don't"
9. "Thank You Girl"
8. "I'll Get You"
7. "Long Tall Sally"
6. "I Call Your Name"
5. "The Inner Light"
4. "Slow Down"
3. "Bad Boy"
2. "Matchbox"
1. "Her Majesty"

Yes, that's right: With fewer than 5,000 streams by Tuesday night, "Her Majesty" — the last song on the last album the Beatles ever made — was the least-streamed Beatles track during the Fab Four's first week on the service. People really do wish Abbey Road ended with "The End," don't they?

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