Woman mutilated and murdered by ISIS for breastfeeding her baby in public

ISIS Attacking Women And Nobody Is Talking About It
ISIS Attacking Women And Nobody Is Talking About It

According to reports, a mother was brutally mutilated and murdered by ISIS's all female police force, the al-Khansaa Brigade, for breastfeeding her child in public on Sunday.

The woman, who was spotted in Raqqa, Northern Syria, was found to be 'violating public decency,' despite shielding herself and the child from public view under her full-veil burqa.

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According to The Independent, the al-Khansa Brigade was created by ISIS last year, and its members make sure women are fully covered when in public, that they don't wear heels, and are accompanied by a man.

Covered in black from head-to-toe and wielding automatic weapons, this all-women militia has been accused of doling out savage beatings and lashing 'disobedient' women on the streets of Raqqa.

After this particular woman was found to be violating public decency rules, eyewitness Aisha, a former Raqqa resident now living Turkey, told the Sunday Times that an ISIS policewoman took the baby, gave it to another woman, and then killed the mother.

The mother was reportedly mutilated before she was murdered, according to ISIS-linked social media accounts, where it was proclaimed the victim had 'violated public decency.' %shareLinks-quote="Women armed with electric shock sticks regulated our lives. If a woman is not totally covered they will lash her 80 times on the street." type="quote" author="Aisha" authordesc="mother of two " isquoteoftheday="false"% Aisha had fled Raqqa after ISIS beheaded her husband for smoking a cigarette.

A look inside the al-Khansaa Brigade:

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