The date you were born could determine your personality

The Date You Were Born Could Determine Your Personality

"What's your sign?" Aside from being classic pickup line, that question might not be as important for predicting your future as the actual day of the month you were born.

Numerologists believe you can use the numbers in your life to learn more about your personality. Or, if you're nosy, you can learn more about the person you're dating!

The first nine numbers are thought to have set traits and characteristics. So, say, if you're born on the first of the month, you're generally independent and creative.

People born on the 2nd are believed to be emphatic. If you're born on the 7th, maybe you're a philosopher, because you're deep and thoughtful.

If you're expecting, keep your fingers crossed that your baby is born on the 8th! They will likely be a strong leader and could be the next Steve Jobs or something.

And then if you're born on a double-digit day, you just kind of combine the traits for each number.

Getting twice the amount of personality traits just because of the day you were born? Talk about a double standard.

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