Spit test could determine life expectancy

Spit Test Could Determine Life Expectancy

There's a lot of different tests that scientists will tell you can predict how long you'll live. Things like certain workouts, heart rate tests and how fast you can rattle off the ingredients to a big mac.

The newest one is a test that supposedly can predict your life expectancy based on your spit.

Researchers from the University of Birmingham looked at 639 adults starting in 1995 and went for 19 years. They found that there's a specific antibody in your saliva that drops more and more the closer you get to death. They're saying that that specific antibody does a good job predicting general health.

That's not all that your spit can predict. Other studies are saying that saliva tests could be used to determine if someone would develop Alzheimers, certain cancers as well as if a person is gay.

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