Russell Crowe slams airline for banning hoverboards

Russell Crowe Unhappy With Virgin Australia's Hoverboard Ban
Russell Crowe Unhappy With Virgin Australia's Hoverboard Ban

Russell Crowe slammed Virgin Australia after the airline refused to allow his children to check their hoverboards onto a flight.

Tweeting his frustration, the Oscar-winning actor said the airline would not allow Segway boards as luggage and that he was only informed of this at the airport. Crowe then said he would never fly Virgin Australia again.

Virgin Australia staff were quick to respond, tweeting back that a number of airlines have banned the incredibly popular hoverboards that have proved controversial and sparked safety warnings in a number of countries.

Crowe later got embroiled in a Twitter spat with people accusing the Gladiator actor of blowing things out of proportion. In response to Australian comedian Joel Creasy's tweet "[y]ou're a millionaire, babe. Get some perspective," Crowe responded that he was "a father Joel, with two kids at an airport, trying to start our holiday."

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