Pregnant women share their self-consciousness with their bodies

Women's bodies are built for change. In order to bear a child, a woman's body must possess the ability to grow, stretch and give birth. And while this is universally appreciated as a beautiful phenomenon, it is not always easy for women to watch their bodies transform into something so different than what they're used to.

Several pregnant women took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain how they deal with their changing bodies.

Especially if you have a history of body image issues, watching your stomach grow can be hard:

Even though you know what happens when you're pregnant, actually experiencing it is different:

Being comfortable with how you look is a totally different story underneath your clothes:
Being pregnant makes me feel awful about how my body looks under my clothes

Having no support system during times of change, even physical ones, can be very tolling:

Feeling comfortable sexually is difficult when you're not confident in your own skin:
I want to have sex but I

Your discomfort with how you look has no reflection on how you feel about your child:
I hate my pregnant body. I love my baby, but I am entirely terrified of the mirror.

When clothes that once seemed enormous now barely fit, you know your body has changed a lot:
I wear my husband

Your own enjoyment of your body can be diminished when your partner doesn't feel the same way:
I wish my boyfriend enjoyed my pregnant body just as much as I do.

Your diet has to change when you become responsible for nourishing a life inside of you:

It's hard when you know you're supposed to feel a certain way, but you just don't:

It might feel like years of physical effort and working out totally disappear once you're pregnant:
I worked hard for my body and my husband and I wanted another kid. Now I

Even if you're not enjoying your pregnant body, it's good to remember that soon you'll have a precious baby, and your body can go back to normal:
I actually don

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Body image issues don't necessarily end once the baby comes. Watch the video below:

Mom's the Word: Post-Pregnancy Body Image

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