Police discover more than 100 animals inside hoarder's home

72 Rabbits, 32 Cats and 4 Dogs Get Rescued From Hoarder Who Starved Them
72 Rabbits, 32 Cats and 4 Dogs Get Rescued From Hoarder Who Starved Them

More than 100 animals were rescued from a hoarder's home in South Carolina after police officers responding to a nearby burglary discovered the rabbits, cats and dogs.

Seventy-two rabbits, 32 cats and four dogs were found inside the North Charleston home, where a woman living there told police that she was trying to help the animals.

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Officials said the conditions in the home posed a health risk to the community.

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"Animals living in deplorable conditions, rotted hay, food, nasty food, old water if any water a lot of animals came in that were malnourished starved, basically," Joe Elmore, the CEO of the Charleston Animal Society, told WCSC-TV.

The Animal Society took the critters in what is one of the largest animal rescues in the county.

Officials have begun vaccinating and nursing the rabbits, cats and dogs back to health, but one of the animals was unable to be saved and died.

"The condition ranged; some had wounds that were not treated, others were in generally good health, but most of the animals had some kind of illness or some type of injury," Elmore said. "Although vet care for multiple animals could be expensive, don't have that many animals because it's against state law to withhold veterinary care for your animals."

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Law enforcement officials and the Animal Society have had conversations with the woman in the past about keeping too many animals, Elmore said.

"...It's against the law; animals have suffered, animals have died and law enforcement needs to put a stop to it right now," he said.

Charges have not been filed against the woman.

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