Giant squid drops by marina for Christmas

Giant Squid Drops by Marina for Christmas
Giant Squid Drops by Marina for Christmas

A giant Architeuthis dux squid was spotted by onlookers swimming into Toyama Bay northwest of Tokyo on Christmas Eve.

Researchers estimate the squid is around 12-feet long and is relatively young. Locals say it's the first sighting of a giant squid of the season.

The animal was first spotted by fishermen out by the Mizuhashi Marina. They told the marina manager, and the manager called Akinobu Kimura, the diver who filmed the footage.

Squid like these have been spotted at some 40 feet in length, though scientists say they can make it to 60 feet.

The Christmas squid named 'Heck' was later ushered by back into open water.

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