Woman claims brother brutally beaten, shoved in sewer drain by Uber driver

Uber Drivers Accused Of Brutally Beating Passengers
Uber Drivers Accused Of Brutally Beating Passengers

A Georgia woman is seeking help from the online community after an Uber driver allegedly robbed and beat her brother with the help of another " Uber share passenger," then shoved his body in a storm drain.

Taylor Cleary Corey believes that if it weren't for the "grace of God," which came in the form of an off duty police officer, Bo Cleary probably would not have survived the ordeal.

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In a Facebook post made on Sunday, Taylor begged the online community for any information regarding the alleged attack against her brother after he was picked up earlier that day morning by an Uber driver in Buckhead.

HELP!!! Uber last night my baby brother was picked up by one of your drivers. There was already a "passenger" in the car...

Posted by Taylor Cleary Corey on Sunday, December 27, 2015

After the post was shared over 18,000 times, Uber responded, claiming the ride never happened. According to CBS in Atlanta, Uber confirmed that a trip was requested but said it was canceled by the driver. The ride-sharing service said the driver immediately picked up someone else. Uber said it has been in contact with its driver and with the account holder.

Hear Uber's CEO commenting on worldwide resistance of the app:

Uber CEO Kalanick on Resistance to Uber Around the World
Uber CEO Kalanick on Resistance to Uber Around the World

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