OnlyOnAOL: Why we love John Boyega's Finntastic 'Star Wars' style

John Boyega On "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"
John Boyega On "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"


Dear readers, this writer has been doing her job a long time. A very long time. She's met and interviewed nearly every actor under the sun. And the key to finally getting those elusive cool mom points? A selfie with John Boyega, who plays Finn in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

The British actor is confident, affable, composed -- and very, very chic. That's courtesy of super-stylist Micaela Erlanger, who met Boyega through her longtime client, and his "Star Wars" costar, Lupita Nyong'o. So all those ensembles you saw him wearing in Los Angeles, Shanghai and London? Yup, thank Erlanger.

"He's great. We actually have so much fun together. He's passionate about his personal style and has a very clear vision of what he likes," she says. "For this tour, we definitely embraced the bomber jacket. We had fun experimenting with different variations. He's touring all over the world. It's colder in some places than others. Layering was important."

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So we had to ask: is it tougher dressing a female client, or a male client? "I wouldn't say one is harder or easier. Both are still creative and expressive. Women's styling tends to involve a little more detail in terms of accessories – guys don't carry handbags. But with guys you think about socks. With women, you don't," says Erlanger.

The London premiere of "Star Wars" on Dec. 16. "We did Burberry for his London premiere. It was so perfect and polished and appropriate. That blue shape, there was something so glamorous about it. It was such a sophisticated knockout look," says Erlanger.

The Los Angeles premiere on Dec. 14, in Versace. "For LA, we had more fun. It was a deep wine. It had a red tinge to it. The lapel was gorgeous," says Erlanger.

The Shanghai premiere, also in Versace, on Dec. 27. "In Shanghai, we did this beautiful red color with a Mandarin-collared shirt," says Erlanger. "The style has to be authentic to the client. I am there to make sure they look the best they can and they have to feel great."

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