New Year means new prices on the things you love

New Year Means New Prices on the Things You Love

As 2015 draws to a close, economists and financial analysts are trying to predict what 2016 will look like — and it seems the prices of everything from Netflix to avocados could be changing in the new year.

One change that should perk up all the early risers: a dip in coffee prices. People around the world are consuming more coffee than ever before, and lucky for them, prices are expected to drop by nearly 6 percent in 2016.

On the other hand, ordering extra guac at Chipotle could get expensive. KSEE reports avocado prices are expected to jump 30 percent, with many industry experts blaming California's persistent drought.

Speaking of Chipotle, another millennial favorite just got more expensive.

In October, Netflix announced it was raising the price of its standard plan one dollar to $9.99. But Netflix members who signed up prior to the announcement won't see the increase until October 2016.

One thing that's not going up is gas prices. The historically low gas prices this year seem to be here to stay. According to AAA, the lower prices have saved Americans more than $550 per driver, or to put that another way, $115 billion total.

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New Year means new prices on the things you love


The spice seems to continue to gain popularity as it's praised as a superfood for its health benefits. Studies show incorporating ground turmeric into your diet could help reduce inflammation and heal wounds.

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Savory Yogurt

You're probably accustomed to your yogurt getting sweet additions like fruit and agave, but this year we saw more savory options being tossed in the mix, like cherry tomatoes, basil, olive oil, garlic and pepper (just to name one incredibly mouthwatering combination). 

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People with celiac disease have to avoid gluten, but eliminating the grain protein completely has become more of a trend among those without the health issue too -- especially as more gluten-free products become available in grocery stores. 

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You're probably used to consuming seaweed in your order of sushi rolls, but the food item is popping up more and more in dishes on restaurant menus.

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Fast Casual Options

The popularity of Chipotle seems to have sparked a new wave of fast casual dining, with spots like The Melt Shop, Num Pang, Panera Bread and many others gaining more interest from consumers.

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Ancient Grains

While quinoa saw it's rise in recent years, other ancient grains have become staples in the kitchen, including farro, barley, kamut and millet.

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Move over, coffee! Matcha, a ground powder of specially processed green tea, is popping up all over the place. It's more flavorful than regular green tea, and has been shown to have some health benefits (in addition to caffeine).

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Beets are definitely having a moment. While they aren't everyone's favorite root vegetable, those who like them, LIKE them. They're at their best when tossed in green salads or starring in their own show (with a sprinkling of goat cheese).

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This game is appearing on an increasing number of restaurant menus of late. It's an alternative to poultry or red meat that according to some is a leaner (and actually more sustainable) option.

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