MLB Trade: Yankees to acquire Aroldis Chapman from Reds

Should MLB Teams Go After Aroldis Chapman?
Should MLB Teams Go After Aroldis Chapman?

When the Winter Meetings were really starting to cook with grease as far as trades were concerned, it sounded as if Cincinnati Reds reliever Aroldis Chapman was going to be on the move to the Los Angeles Dodgers. That didn't happen though, but not for the reason most trades don't go through.

Just as the trade was being agreed upon, Chapman was accused of violently assaulting his girlfriend — something that nixed the deal on the spot. While it looked unlikely that anyone would take a chance on the pitcher in the interim, the Yankees have changed all of that.

According to YES Network's Jack Curry, the Bombers are set to acquire Chapman from the Reds.

There's a few different things to take away from this. For starters, Chapman's off-field issues aren't totally resolved and the Yankees are acquiring him knowing that he could miss time if suspended by Commissioner Manfred.

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Additionally, the Yankees already have a closer on roster in Andrew Miller — which means he's about the be the ex-closer in the Bronx. Miller was a top acquisition for the Yankees when they snagged him, but they're clearly ready to move on and make Chapman their closer of the future.

It's possible that the Yankees could keep both Miller and Chapman on roster, but the most likely option would see them trading Miller.