Angry man leaves chickens in tax office lobby

Angry Man Leaves Chickens in Tax Office Lobby

A man left a flock of chickens in a tax office lobby.

According to Oregon police, a man thought leaving seven chickens in the lobby of the Department of Revenue would be a good way to express his anger.

Police say Louis Adler was frustrated with the revenue service and dropped off the birds at around 12:20 in the afternoon. None of the chickens were hurt, and animal welfare officers rounded up the fowl and took them to a nearby animal shelter.

It's not entirely clear why Adler did this, but a state agency spokesperson says Adler was dealing with the revenue agency and was "frustrated by the outcome."The press release from the police department says Adler is now banned from the building.

While no arrest was made, he was a given a trespass notice, warning him that if he doesn't stay away from the building he'll be risking a citation.

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