Fox News attracts oldest TV news audience, CNN youngest in 2015

Fox News Reveals Details for Next Republican Debate
Fox News Reveals Details for Next Republican Debate

Younger viewers are the name of the television news game and CNN will end 2015 as the leader in that category.

With final ratings for the year being released next week, but preliminary data shows the original cable news network attracted the youngest median age viewer while Fox News continued to have the oldest.

In total day, CNN's median age viewer was 61 compared to 67 for Fox. But in primetime the difference was starker; CNN's average was 59 while FNC's stood at 68.

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MSNBC ranked second in both categories with a median age of 63 during the day and in primetime.

The advertising-coveted demo is 25-54, leaving CNN's audience the closest to that category.

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Entering a presidential election year, it's likely more younger viewers–who typically vote more in presidential elections rather than midterms–will tune into TV news, offering all three networks the opportunity to improve their youth numbers.

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