Don Shula supports the Panthers with the Dab (Photo)

Panthers Lacked Focus in First Loss of 2015 Season - Jimmy Johnson
Panthers Lacked Focus in First Loss of 2015 Season - Jimmy Johnson

Sunday afternoon against the Atlanta Falcons, the dream season of the Carolina Panthers came to an end. It was a close one, but Cam Newton and the Panthers will not be going undefeated this season, as they dropped their first game of the campaign.

Now, we know that there are some people out there that this makes happy, and when you talk about that, you have to talk about the 1972 Miami Dolphins. This is a team, headed by Don Shula, that is still the only team to win the Super Bowl championship by going undefeated. Although in a different era with less games, it still counts to many people.

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But this was a little different. With Mike Shula on staff with the Panthers, the elder Shula was all in on watching this team go unbeaten.

So, as the Panthers were going for that unbeaten campaign, Shula and family sent his support in the best way possible.

Yep, that is Coach Shula responding to the Panthers' bid for that unbeaten season with the Dab, which might be the best picture of the day.

Shula probably popped the cork on the champagne, as he does every year when the last undefeated NFL team loses. But this was a nice little added bonus as he supports his son.

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