DeAngelo Williams gets tackled by his hair (Video)

Kaboly: Steelers Won't Overlook Ravens
Kaboly: Steelers Won't Overlook Ravens

There are a handful of ways to tackle a guy in the NFL, but one of the oft-forgotten methods is yanking a guy down by his hair. If it's hanging below the helmet, it's fair game to grab — which is something that Baltimore Ravens linebacker Za'Darius Smith did to DeAngelo Williams on Sunday.

As Wiliams attempted to get a gain for the Steelers, Smith had there plans and yanked the running back down by his hair, which was hanging out the back of his helmet.

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Keep in mind, that's a legal play and doesn't deserve a flag. Ever since guys started wearing their hair below where their helmet cuts off, it has been legal to pull them down by their hair.

Sure, it's painful but that doesn't make it illegal in anyway. If guys don't want to get tackled by their hair then they simply cut it. Having long hair is a risk with rewards off the field as far as fashion is concerned. On the field, it's part of the uniform and it's legal to tackle a guy like Smith tackled Williams — even if it looks like something you might get your a** kicked for anywhere else on the planet you attempted something like this.

We'll see if Williams adjusts his hairstyle after this little incident or not.

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