Shirtless Vladimir Putin calendar goes on sale in Russia

How to Spend a Year with Vladimir Putin
How to Spend a Year with Vladimir Putin

Russia's leader does it again.

Vladimir Putin is flaunting his right to bear arms and abs in a cheeky new calendar now on sale in Russia called, "A Year With the President of Russia."

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Known for his abrasiveness in office, the calendar lets world leader show off his more sensitive side to the camera. Each month features Putin in a different pose with a different subject -- from flowers to puppies.

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"Dogs and I have very warm feelings for one another," Putin says, according to one of the captions adorning the photos.

But that's not all. The Russian president offers his opinion on a number of subjects, from women -- "I like all Russian women. I think Russian women are the most talented and the most beautiful" -- to politics -- "no one will ever get military superiority over Russia."

For those who still can't get enough of Putin, they can also buy a perfume inspired by the man's "soft but firm" personality called Leaders Number One.

Check out what happens behind the scenes of these shots from the Russian president:

Why Putin Can't Keep His Top On
Why Putin Can't Keep His Top On

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