OnlyOnAOL: This year's sexiest gifts, courtesy of Liz Goldwyn

Liz Goldwyn on "Sporting Guide"
Liz Goldwyn on "Sporting Guide"


Ok, folks, we've brought you the ultimate assortment of celebrity gift guides to fill every stocking in every house. And we saved one of our favorites for last. Because ultimately, isn't it all about feeling great in your own skin? Herewith, the selections from ultra-stylish author Liz Goldwyn, who knows all about sex appeal.

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Sexy lit: "A copy of my new book 'Sporting Guide' as a sexy bedside read for your special man/ woman/mom/dad/best friend. Bound in red leather with a bookmark You can add your own notes to it in ink like an erotic journal...and read the naughty parts aloud!"

Sexy food: "I love the indie foodie website -- all their paleo and gluten free dessert options— love to surprise friends with a delivery from here, and support local produce and sellers. They have a range of prices so you don't have to spend a fortune to make someone happy."

Sexy scents: "OBSESSED with the products my friend Shiva Rose makes and sells via her amazing holistic beauty site. She has a body oil that I am addicted to— it's a little pricey but my treat to myself. My birthday is Christmas Day so it's easy for me to justify."

Sexy bling: "For a major splurge I LOVE the jewelry site Kentshire run by my pal Carrie Imberman whose family has run the store for 3 generations. They have amazing vintage and antique jewelry including costume jewelry. I get lost for hours dreaming about all the incredible pieces they have."

Sexy hips: A weighted hula hoop from Amazon— really any well reviewed one works — this is one of my FAVORITE gifts to give— any time of year. I love mine (which my friend Marisa Tomei gave me as a birthday gift one year after she used it to train for 'The Wrestler' -- her body is SICK so I was sold) It makes you smile, laugh, and works those abs. Plus every woman and man who comes over always wants to try it out. Zac Posen and I had a whole hula hoop dance-off last Christmas in fact."

Sexy lingerie: "I adore the silk pajama sets from Equipment, a French company founded in 1976 with stores all over the US and a great online shop. I wear them as outerwear! The shirts are glamorous enough to wear out at night with a fitted pencil skirt. Love to mix and match the shorts sets — this leopard one is a current favorite."

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