State trooper brings holiday gift to toddler who dressed like him on Halloween

Trooper Brings Holiday Gift To Toddler Who Dressed Like Him On Halloween
Trooper Brings Holiday Gift To Toddler Who Dressed Like Him On Halloween

A little boy got a special gift this Christmas from an Ohio State Trooper who made a big impact on him earlier in the year.

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When two-and-a-half year old Jibsen's grandmother, Linda Miller, was pulled over by trooper Adrian Wilson several months ago, the little boy was scared - but the trooper managed to comfort him.

Wilson made such an impact on the child that the little boy dressed as a trooper for Halloween.

The boy's mom, Natalie Miller-Stulley, told INSIDE EDITION: "This little act of kindness before he allowed his grandmother to pull away was much appreciated. Taking a few extra seconds to make this little guy more comfortable in an uncomfortable situation certainly has allowed Jibsen to see the positive side of law enforcement rather than only a negative."

See photos of Jibsen and Wilson:

She added: "Unfortunately, too often here lately law enforcement is getting negative media attention so I was just hoping to share some positive light here locally for these men and women."

According to Natalie, her mother wrote a letter to commend Trooper Wilson for his kindness.

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Just in time for the holidays, Trooper Wilson stopped by the boy's house to deliver a special gift – his own police car.

OHIO TROOPER INSPIRES CHILD: Ohio State trooper Adrian Wilson made a huge impression on a little boy named Jib after he...

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"When I told Jibsen that Trooper Wilson would be visiting he immediately wanted to put his costume on for his visit. We appreciate Trooper Adrian Wilson going above and beyond as do we appreciate all the other men and women in law enforcement," Natalie said.

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