This owl and cat drawing is the mind-boggling sequel to the 'find the panda' puzzle

Dudolf Stumps Internet with Viral Snowman Picture

Hungarian artist Dudolf created the panda/snowman illustration that had half the Internet pulling their hair out in frustration. And now, Dudolf is back with a puzzle that might just stump the other half.

In the new illustration, there is a hidden cat in the midst of a horde of owls. Dudolf posted the puzzle on Twitter and prompted his followers to find the elusive feline.

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While some followers spotted the cat almost immediately, others were more perplexed.

A few puzzlers even admitted defeat ...

... while others simply decided to change the rules of the game.

What do you think — can you spot the cat? Or is this new puzzle the most frustrating one to date?

See more reaction to the mind-boggling puzzles:

Dudolf -- Find the Panda in this sea of Snowmen
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This owl and cat drawing is the mind-boggling sequel to the 'find the panda' puzzle
Nevermind the panda! Can you spot the cat? #dudolf #spotthecat #mindgames #whereswaldo
.@thedudolf i found the panda and the cat in under 10 seconds. how many more of these do you have? #bringiton #dudolf
PUZZLE: Can you spot the panda? Retweet if you can... I needed help :/ #puzzle #panda
Am I the only one who found the panda almost immediately on the #FirstDayOfWinter puzzle???? Because that was easy
RT when you find the panda 😂
rt when you find the panda 🐼
You'd think that spotting a panda in a crowd of snowmen would be easy... Can you find the panda? 🐼
Love a good brain game! Can u find the panda in this cartoonist's puzzle? #FirstDayOfWinter
The puzzle thats breaking the internet today!

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