Real people give the honest truth about having an emotional affair

Some may say that in a romantic relationship, monogamous emotion is more sacred than monogamous sexuality -- in other words, having an emotional affair could theoretically be a greater betrayal than having a physical one. Just because you're not physically overstepping the boundaries of commitment you made to your partner doesn't necessarily mean that you're not doing anything wrong.

Several people took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain the honest truth about having an emotional affair.

Feeling guilty and missing the attention of an emotional affair aren't mutually exclusive:
I had a short emotional affair online behind my husbands back. I feel bad about it but at the same time i miss the attention

Strangely enough, feeling bad about cheating isn't always enough motivation to stop:
I am having an emotional affair with a guy I work with. My fiancé doesn

Seeking an extramarital relationship might feel like the easiest way to fill in your missing pieces, but it's not necessarily the healthiest:

Sometimes, you don't know how strong your relationship is until you test its limits:
Having an emotional affair has made my relationship with my husband better. I kind of want to thank the man I cheated with!

On the other hand, your actions might totally backfire:
I had an emotional affair with a married woman, my wife found out, they both left and now I

It is heartbreaking when you realize your love for someone has changed:

Thinking you should be regretful and actually being regretful are totally different feelings:
My emotional affair turned into a physical affair last night. The sad thing is, I don

Watching the affair you're risking your relationship for fade can be devastating:
I fell in love with someone that I had an emotional affair with. He doesn

It's hard to tell exactly where an extramarital relationship becomes an emotional affair:
I think I

Having an emotional affair won't necessarily fix the problems you're having in your marriage:

Grieving a relationship is hard, especially when you have to do it alone:

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Need advice on bouncing back after an emotional affair? Watch below:

How to Recover From an Emotional Affair
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