OnlyOnAOL: Five things you need to know about 'Point Break' star ​Teresa Palmer

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Drew Barrymore on Writing "Wildflower"


Australian actress Teresa Palmer is one of the stars of the new "Point Break," opening Friday. She's hella talented. She's hella gorgeous. And here's what you need to know about her.

1. She had not seen the 1991 original, starring Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves, until the last minute. "I hadn't seen it until the night before we started shooting. I'd heard it was an amazing cult classic and there was a lot of controversy surrounding a remake of the movie. I did not want to remake the movie. It was so perfect as it was. I'm glad that ours was a complete reinvisioning. It's loosely based on the original. The spirituality and the heart are there but the characters are radically different. It seems like a new movie," says Palmer.

2. Her son is named Bohdi -- just like the character played by Swayze. "It's funny that he shares the same name. All these things align. It's where I'm supposed to be headed," she says.

3. She sees a lot of herself in the character she embodies. "I play Samsara. She's the heart of the group of these eco-terrorists. She's very passionate about her cause. She won't stop at anything to see through what they're wanting to do. She's deeply rooted in her spirituality. She's earthy and grounded and brave," says Palmer. "It's a huge part of who I am. I'm really excited about exploring myself in that way. I wanted to inject my own belief system into Samsara."

4. She killed it in the second-skin Prada dress she wore to the film's LA premiere -- and she had no second thoughts about it. "I loved it. It was Prada and it was the first dress I tried on. I got in the day before the premiere. The day I arrived, I filmed one last scene on a movie and I fell asleep during the fitting. It was the first one we tried one. Boom. Perfection. Thank you, universe," says Palmer.

5. Even though "Point Break" is all about living on the edge, Palmer isn't quite like that in real life. "I'm sort of a risk-taker. I used to be much more of one before I had a child, but my life is much more important now that I am a mother. I didn't do my own stunts on 'Point Break' because I had a four-month-old. I used to ride Ducati motorbikes when I was childless. I played every single sport you can imagine," she says.