Child molester Jerry Sandusky is about to get paid $211k

Sandusky to Get Pension Back
Sandusky to Get Pension Back

Jerry Sandusky, who was convicted in 2012 of molesting 10 boys, is about to get seriously paid despite the fact he's serving a lengthy prison sentence.

According to the AP, the former Penn State coordinator is going to receive $211,000 in back payments from the Pennsylvania government after they wrongly cut off his retirement payments.

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The State Employees' Retirement System sent a letter to Sandusky's lawyer last week, informing him of the payment and that his $4,900 monthly annuity will resume in January. The Associated Press obtained the letter on Wednesday.

So not only is Sandusky going to be making almost $5,000 while rotting in prison, he's going to get back payments dating back to 2012. That's America for you, but you can't blame the system for at least trying. IT's not like Sandusky is just getting this payment for no reason, as he still has basic rights despite the fact he's in prison.

It may not be something anyone with a soul agrees with, as Sandusky is the epitome of monster, but you can't pick and choose who to apply the rules to. While seemingly in poor taste to pay Sandusky this money, it's rightfully his thanks to federal law.

So just remember that — you can slave away on minimum wage knowing Sandusky is cashing in no matter what he did in his past or where he's currently residing with free room and board.

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