Dudolf stumps Internet with viral snowman picture

Dudolf Stumps Internet with Viral Snowman Picture

Facebook has a viral optical illusion that is even better than the white and gold or blue and black dress debate because it was actually intentional. Hungarian artist Gergerly Dudas, best known as Dudolf, has blown the minds of millions with his latest creation.

See the Internet react:
Dudolf -- Find the Panda in this sea of Snowmen
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Dudolf stumps Internet with viral snowman picture
Nevermind the panda! Can you spot the cat? #dudolf #spotthecat #mindgames #whereswaldo https://t.co/R6SvuGVXD6
.@thedudolf i found the panda and the cat in under 10 seconds. how many more of these do you have? #bringiton #dudolf
PUZZLE: Can you spot the panda? Retweet if you can... I needed help :/ #puzzle #panda https://t.co/mnDKtbeqEX
Am I the only one who found the panda almost immediately on the #FirstDayOfWinter puzzle???? Because that was easy
RT when you find the panda 😂 https://t.co/iEv7HdqOMZ
rt when you find the panda 🐼 https://t.co/yRUqK3zGRi
You'd think that spotting a panda in a crowd of snowmen would be easy... Can you find the panda? 🐼 https://t.co/2xUgP1DQHS
Love a good brain game! Can u find the panda in this cartoonist's puzzle? #FirstDayOfWinter https://t.co/E3SzqI31g4 https://t.co/0nCw8arZtJ
The puzzle thats breaking the internet today! https://t.co/ZmkvvhdBwG

It appears to be a snowman convention, but somewhere is hidden a panda bear. It's good to know that snowmen are an inclusive group. Hundreds of thousands of shares later, the post has gone viral with many stumped because of the genius that went into this work of art. When viewers finally found the panda, they shared their triumph in the comments section with another 12,000 people.

This isn't the first of his pieces created to trick your eye. He also has a piece that looks like a family of owls, but somewhere lurks a cat ready to pounce. These are kind of like an adult version of Where's Waldo, but they somehow seem a little harder.The best part of these online brain teasers is when you finally figure it out, you momentarily feel like Einstein.

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