Report: Odell Beckham Jr. 'likely' to be suspended for for dirty helmet-to-helmet hit on Josh Norman

Odell Beckham Went Too Far Against Josh Norman
Odell Beckham Went Too Far Against Josh Norman

Odell Beckham Jr. has yet to be disciplined by the NFL for his vicious helmet-to-helmet hit on Josh Norman of the Carolina Panthers and other actions during Sunday's game, however, Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that a 1-game suspension is "likely."

Schefter spoke with multiple league sources about Beckham Jr.'s pending punishment (via Twitter).

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Later, Schefter went on ESPN Radio to discuss the situation and the justification for a potential suspension. Schefter compared the most egregious of Beckham's actions, the cheap shot on Norman, to an incident earlier this season in which Aqib Talib of the Denver Broncos was suspended one game for poking another player in the eye.

%shareLinks-quote="Schefter also noted that Beckham Jr. has been fined by the NFL on multiple occasions, a history of discipline that will be taken into consideration." type="spreadWord"%

If Beckham Jr. is suspended, it is expected to be announced on Monday as the NFL prefers to give the players enough time to file an appeal before the next game.

Prior to Beckham's nasty cheap shot, the two players had been fighting all game long. Both had been flagged for unnecessary roughness and pass interference penalties, and Norman had done an effective job shutting down the Giants' star receiver. On a routine run play late in the 3rd quarter, Beckham came flying in at Norman as the play was ending and connected head-to-head. Norman immediately retaliated, which led to offsetting unnecessary roughness penalties, when Beckham likely should have been ejected.

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