Recapping the best and worst of the NFL in 2015


Best NFL photos of the year

With 2015 in the books, it's time to take a look at the highlights and lowlights of this calendar year in the NFL.

The New England Patriots grabbed headlines both on and off the field all year long, but a number of storylines have grown prominent over recent months -- like Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers' undefeated stretch this season.

Below, we take the time to remember the highest -- and lowest -- points from the NFL in 2015.

Best Moment: Malcom Butler's super interception

Plenty of focus has rightfully been focused on the Seahawks' bizarre decision not to run the ball with Marshawn Lynch at the goal line in the closing minutes of the Super Bowl. But without Malcom Butler's incredible interception through traffic, New England may not win that game.

Biggest Surprise: Carolina's undefeated stretch

Cam Newton Leads Panthers to Close Win Over Giants
Cam Newton Leads Panthers to Close Win Over Giants

There's a chance -- a slim chance -- that you predicted the Carolina Panthers to clinch a playoff berth at some point this year. But to think they'd be undefeated with two games left to play in the regular season, and that the entire NFC playoffs would have to go through Bank of America stadium? Nonsense.

Biggest Choke: Roger Goodell

This was far from the commish's worst blunder of 2015, but was certainly the easiest to avoid. Mispronouncing the Heisman winner's name on the most important day of his life isn't great, Rog.

Biggest Flop: Philadelphia Eagles

Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles
Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles

The team that was supposed to revolutionize the game itself is instead a laughing stock, and the man in charge may soon be out of a job. Tough luck for the 6-8 Eagles.

Funniest Quote: Ryan Fitzpatrick

Evidently, the formerly heavily bearded -- but now just moderately bearded -- Jets quarterback is right.

Best Vine: Kirk Cousins



Best Tweet: Jason Pierre-Paul

Based on how well he's played with his gigantic oven mitt/club on his mangled hand, the man has a point.

Best 'Color Rush' Uni: St. Louis Rams

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v St Louis Rams
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v St Louis Rams

A twist on one of the best throwback uniforms in football.

Least Valuable Player: Colin Kaepernick


Whenever you get replaces by Blaine Gabbert -- and he outproduces you at your position by a noticeable margin -- it's been a bad season. And for it, Colin Kaepernick's tenure as a San Francisco 49er is likely over.

Most Valuable Player: Cam Newton


— ANOTHER ONE. (@CoryTownes) November 15, 2015

Sitting on top of the standings at 14-0, and celebrating every step of the way, Cam Newton is the NFL's king of 2015.