Real women explain why they don't wear makeup

For some women, putting on makeup is like putting on clothing — second nature. On the other hand, a lot of ladies choose to forgo the morning makeup ritual, whether it's because they lack application skills, they desire to cash in on an extra hour of precious sleep, or because they want to take a stand against modern beauty standards.

Several women took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain why exactly they don't take the time to put on makeup.

Makeup might end up feeling like more trouble than it's worth if it gets messed up:
I never wear makeup nowadays, I sweat too much and it ends up looking like a mess

Everyone can probably agree that the morning hours are too precious to add another activity into them:
I don

Old habits die hard ... and might make you look like you have a black eye:
I don

People should not feel like they need makeup to look beautiful:
I don

Doing a poor job at applying makeup might have the opposite effect of making you look beautiful:
I don

It might not seem like yourself in the mirror after putting on makeup:
I tell people I don

If you don't think makeup will enhance your look, there might not be a point to use it:
The reason I don

Using makeup might feel like a gateway into a negative self-image:
I never wear makeup because it feels like I have to work to look acceptable

You don't want any awkward looks of shock and horror when you come into work al natural one day:
I don

Who has the time for wet wipes?
The main reason I don

For some people, makeup is the prison of the face:
I never wear makeup... I hate the feeling when it

You wouldn't be the first to consider vanity a deadly sin:
I don

All-natural confidence is the most beautiful asset a woman can have:
I never wear makeup because I think I look beautiful without it.

Wearing too much makeup might ruin what's underneath it all:
I don

Covering your face with makeup might feel like you're presenting an insincere self:
I don

For more confessions from makeup-less women, check out Whisper.

Need some inspiration to walk away from your makeup palette? Look how beautiful Eva Longoria looks, all natural:

See Eva Longoria Without Makeup!

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