OnlyOnAOL: Life's a box of chocolates for Dylan Lauren

Dylan's Candy Bar CEO Says Candy Is 'Recession Proof'
Dylan's Candy Bar CEO Says Candy Is 'Recession Proof'


What's sugar and spice and everything so nice? Dylan Lauren's candied gift guide.

Feed Bag: "I love the native craftsmanship, especially the beautiful beadwork, because it's reminiscent of ice cream sprinkles and nonpareils. What is better than giving a gift that gives 370 school meals for children in Kenya?"

Ralph Lauren hat, gloves & scarf: "It's freezing and dreary in the dark days of winter. This 3-part colorful gift will give brightness, happiness and coziness to any recipient!"

Kate Spade notebook: "I think the statement on the cover is a crucial reminder to all that it's what's inside that counts. Everyone could use a pocket-sized journal to record personal thoughts, clever ideas or motivational goals for the new year and beyond!"

Humane Society donation: "We are launching our foundation for animal welfare called Dylan's Candy BarN. One of our partners is The Humane Society. Animals are loving creatures and make for tremendous family members. There are millions of animals being abused, slaughtered and suffering from starvation. A charitable donation makes the giver and the recipient both feel great and have good karma."

Alice and Olivia Donald Robertson Stacey montage sweater: "I love pop art and fashion and this sweater is a perfect combination of the two. The design is so original and would complement any festive holiday outfit."

Dylan's Candy Bar Box Subscription Service: "This is a fabulous option as it's the gift that keeps on giving well past the holidays for 3, 6, to 12 months!"

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