Kim Kardashian just launched app #3 and you won't believe what it is

Kim Kardashian Releases 'Kimoji' App
Kim Kardashian Releases 'Kimoji' App

Kim Kardashian's quest to take over the world has proved successful with her entire brand. Whether it is a clothing line, endorsements or reality TV show, Kim K knows how to capture our attention, like it or not.

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In her newest venture, Kim has decided to launch her own Emoji app, "Kimoji." As we all remember, Kim announced the arrival of Saint West by tweeting out her Emoji family. Looking back on it, we should have seen "Kimoji" coming.

Now, fans around the world have the chance to send Kim's epic crying face to their friends, or tweet out her famous "break the Internet" pose to their followers.

Ever since the release of the new app, fans have been going crazy over their new found communication. It's safe to say you can find anything and everything Kim Kardashian related in her new "Kimojis."

From Kim's butt, to pregnant Kim, even her middle finger, fans took to social media to express their love.

The app is currently only being sold in the iOS app store for $1.99.

Want more Kim Kardashian? Who doesn't! Check out pics of the reality star below!

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