Florida police release saddest attempt ever at a police sketch

It's not easy to draw a police sketch. Artists — working with hazy details and limited information — sometimes struggle to produce exact representations.

Other times, there are no excuses.


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After the 2014 murder of Rabbi Joseph Raskin, police released the above sketch of the suspect. While not every police sketch has to be a Renaissance painting, it's unclear what, exactly, the public could expect to grasp from this ("The suspect may or may not have a nose. Residents should immediately call police if they see anyone with a chin. That chin may also be a wrinkle. Just ... call us okay?")

The suspect was later identified to be 15-year-old DeAndre Charles, who arrested on Dec. 9, then charged with first-degree murder and attempted robbery. The evidence against him has yet to be released, though prosecutor Katherine Fernandez-Rundle described the case as "evidentially poor, but factually rich."

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Check out this other awful police sketch that actually led to an arrest:

Widely Ridiculed 'Cartoon' Police Sketch Leads to Actual Arrest
Widely Ridiculed 'Cartoon' Police Sketch Leads to Actual Arrest

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