Dove seasonal chocolate recalled due to unlisted allergens

Dove Chocolate Recalled Over Allergy Threat

NEW YORK (WPIX) -- Better check that chocolate before biting into it -- Mars Chocolate recalled its Dove Chocolate Assortment Snowflakes bags because of missing ingredients on its label that could lead to allergic reactions.

Candy containing peanuts, wheat and eggs were not listed in the ingredients box on the outer package Dove chocolate, according to the Food and Drug Administration press release. Mars was notified of the missing ingredients when a consumer opened a bag that contained Snickers.

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About 6,700 cases of these Dove seasonal bags have some Snickers, Milky Way, and Twix that contain these ingredients that are not listed on the outer package. One major retailer distributed the product to stores in 35 states, including New Jersey and Connecticut. The item was only sold in stores from Sept. 19 through Dec. 1.

The FDA warns people who have peanuts, wheat, or egg allergy to look at the packages before opening. There have been no reported allergic reactions due to the mislabeling.

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