Cam Newton reportedly spent $12,000 on a strange fashion accessory

'Dabbing' Is More Than a Poorly Executed Dance
'Dabbing' Is More Than a Poorly Executed Dance

Cam Newton has never been one to shy away from bold sartorial selections, but dropping $12,000 on fur tails that clip to your belt loop seems a little excessive — even for the soon-to-be MVP.

According to TMZ Sports, Newton bought 60 different styles of fox tails for $200 each from Exclusive Game, a store in Atlanta. The store had previously only used the fur for the hoods of winter jackets, but Newton — ever the innovator — decided he wanted it in tail-form instead.

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The Panthers quarterback appears to wear his new accessory whenever he gets a chance. Most recently, Newton rocked a festive, red fox tail at a promotional event with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube for their new movie, Ride Along 2, that appeared to be held in a weight room.

Here's a closer look:

Newton has also worn a whole slew of different colored fox tails to press conferences at the Panthers' football facility, too, because I guess when you're the quarterback of an undefeated team, why shouldn't you?

We'll give this to Cam: he certainly owns the fox tail look, whether or not it was the best use of $12,000.

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