There's another Hadid sister taking over the fashion world

There's another Hadid sister taking over the fashion world


Meet Alana Hadid, the driven older half-sister of models of the moment, Gigi and Bella Hadid. Though she's spent years as a stylist in Los Angeles, Alana has recently begun her own ascent within the fashion world, proving herself to be quite the tour de force. In addition to launching an emoji-inspired line called Currentmoji, Alana has also started to model and partner with Lou & Grey, a collection of easygoing, texture-rich styles for the woman who doesn't want to choose between fashion and comfort.

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We recently talked to Alana about her many stylish endeavors, Instagram and conquering the fashion world with her supportive sisters, who have always supported each other, even before they all became famous. In speaking with Alana, it became clear just how determined she is to succeed in the industry. As she puts it, she wants to "do it all."

Check out our full conversation with her below:

How did this partnership with Lou & Grey come about? What about it felt like a good fit for you?

To be honest, everything. It's the most amazing brand. I inadvertently met with everyone with the brand -- I went in to check out the store, and I walked in and I felt like I had just walked into my apartment, just a little bit cooler and with more clothes. And I started talking about how much I loved it and apparently I made a good impression.

Everything that I felt about fashion, they had a similar idea. Our ideas really just clicked. I also just really identify with the brand; it has this really comfortable, yet sleek look to it, and that's what I go for. It's a great fit.

Is that how you would describe your style?

Yeah, but also a bit eclectic and vintage. I guess a lot of people say "eclectic," so maybe that's a little bit cliché. I think it's kind of laid-back, but I like to make sure there's something modern about it.

Do your East Coast origins inform your style at all?

I think quite kind of the opposite, actually. When I was living on the East Coast, I didn't quite fit in because of the way that I dressed. You know, I never really had a sweater set or anything. [laughs] I like to mix a lot of prints. I vividly remember wearing army fatigue shorts and the same colored stockings underneath, which everyone else thought was super random. I definitely didn't have an East Coast aesthetic, so when I got out to L.A., I definitely felt more at home. People let you get away with a lot more in L.A. than they do in D.C.

Had you modeled before?

As a child I did some stuff that was fun. I actually did a spread in Los Angeles Magazine but it was nothing like this. This has been a way cooler experience -- a real modeling experience.

See photos from the recent Alana Hadid x Lou & Grey event:

Tell us about Currentmoji. It seems to be quite a bit different from your personal style. Can you describe how it came about?

It came about when my friends and I were searching for a gift to give one of our really good friends. We weren't really sure what to get him, but we ended up getting him these really amazing t-shirts, and we had his favorite emoji screen printed on it. He wore them around, and every five steps he got stopped and people asked him where he had gotten it. We had a little pow-wow about it, and we decided that it would be kind of fun. All of us have other jobs that we do, but we really love it. It's a fun way to interact with each other -- we're all best friends. Sometimes life is a little too serious, so it's fun to have a company where we can laugh all the time.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Everywhere. I like to look in vintage magazines; I like looking at older stars and older movies like "Annie Hall." I like taking a little bit of something that's been done but sort of remixing it.

How do you see Instagram affecting your career and fashion in general?

It's huge! There's nothing that compares to what Instagram can do for a career or how it can allow you to interact with people. The affect that Instagram has on careers is amazing ... you've seen people blow up and their entire career has come directly from Instagram. There's nothing better than that, especially if you can use it for good and not evil. It's an amazing tool.

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We do sports #hadidsdosports

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Something that we love about you and your sisters, Bella and Gigi is that you guys support each other's endeavors publicly all the time. How important is it that you all support one another?

It's huge. We're obsessed with each other -- all of us. We're so excited for everything that we do. I got 450 text messages just from Bella about my event last time. She was like, "We just saw a picture and you look amazing! You look FIRE!" Supporting each other is something that we've been doing since way before all of this. Like when Bella was riding and Gigi was playing volleyball, I would go and watch them. It had nothing to do with being "famous," it was just the kind of support we have for each other. It's definitely important.

Did they give you any modeling tips?

No, they didn't [laughs] -- maybe I should've asked! They were just encouraging, you know? They were like, "You're going to kill it and we're so excited to see the pictures." We're so excited for each other, but we also know that we work hard. We give each other more personal advice than work advice.

You all have such a bright future. Can you talk about how exciting it is to be taking on the fashion world all at the same time?

I'm super excited. What's amazing about us doing this is that we get to all do it together in the same field, which is so rare that we all get to do this at the same time. It couldn't be more cool.

I'd like to do it all. I want to do everything and anything that comes my way. I'm just so excited to get the opportunities. I want to do more with my own lines, more modeling and more styling. Whatever it takes, because this is truly my passion.

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