Odell Beckham Jr. went off the rails and unleashed an ugly cheap shot on a Panthers defender

Pereira: Odell Beckham Could Be Facing a Suspension
Pereira: Odell Beckham Could Be Facing a Suspension

Odell Beckham Jr. totally lost his cool late in the 3rd quarter against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, and should have been ejected for an ugly cheap shot he threw at Carolina cornerback Josh Norman.

Beckham and Norman had been going at it all game long, scrapping at the line of scrimmage and shoving each other after just about every play. Beckham had already been flagged for multiple penalties, including unnecessary roughness and offensive pass interference, when he threw himself head first at Norman's head.

Here's the play:

In a league where there is the utmost concern for head injuries, this is not a good look for the NFL.

Even before the cheap-shot, Beckham had completely melted down. He'd stopped running routes and looked like he would be benched, if not ejected. Somehow he stayed in the game after the play, though he was flagged, but after a stern talking to by the Giants coaching staff on the sideline, he appeared to have calmed down.

Beckham's day started off poorly, which perhaps explains his frustrations and bad attitude. On the first series of the day, Beckham torched Norman and had an uncharacteristic drop that would have been a touchdown.

Through three quarters, Beckham had more penalties than catches.