Johnny Manziel runs over referee after being chased (Video)

Johnny Manziel to Dallas Just a Matter of Time?
Johnny Manziel to Dallas Just a Matter of Time?

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has helped keep it relatively close against the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks defense continues to be as merciless as ever though, and Manziel was forced to run for his life on one play. While he was being chased, Manziel backed into a referee and accidentally ran him over. Here is a video of the referee falling over.

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Manziel has been a source of controversy for many other reasons, but he will not likely receive too much grief for this event. Despite his accident, Manziel has had a solid game overall with a touchdown pass while not committing a turnover. The Seahawks overcame a game-opening touchdown by the Browns though, and their defense has held the Browns to 10 points so far.

Meanwhile, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson continues to catch fire with three touchdown passes and a flawless passing performance. It remains to be seen whether Manziel can up his play even more and engineer a Browns comeback. It appears that the Browns are outmatched in talent by a hot Seahawks team though, and they have been buried in the fourth quarter by another Seahawks touchdown.