The true, heartbreaking stories of people supporting their parents

It's widely accepted that parents should be in charge of raising their children to be responsible, caring people. When childhood ends, though, and children become the self-sufficient adults that their parents raised them to be, the tables might turn and the time can come for roles to reverse.

While giving back and taking care of the parent who took care of you can be rewarding and life-affirming, it's not always easy. In fact, it can be extremely tolling in more ways than one. Several people who care for their parents took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to reveal what that task is really like.

The financial burden of caring for another person can be very rough:
I can

Not being able to support your parents doesn't mean you don't care about them:
My parents mean the world to me and I don
Financial struggles with your own parents can affect how you raise your children:
I keep giving my parents more money because they raised me. I hope one day I am able to save some for my own retirement so I don

It's frustrating to support people when you know they can be getting the support elsewhere:
I love my parents but having to support them and my own family is a lot of stress. I wish they would apply for government assistance.

Knowing you're making a difference in your parents' lives can feel very rewarding:
I financially support my parents because they can

Making enough money to do what you need to do isn't always enjoyable:

Being able to take care of the people you love can make a person feel very lucky:

Financial commitments can lead to emotional turmoil:
I love her but I support my mom and I resent her for it. Feel like a horrible daughter for feeling like that. I am in college and could easily support myself but I am struggling to support us both.

Taking care of your parents might mean sacrificing taking care of yourself:
I help my parents so much financially that I don

Being a caretaker can make you feel completely vulnerable:
I work to support my parents and older brother but I just want someone to take care of me for a change.

Knowing that there's pressure on you to do something you don't feel capable of can be very anxiety-provoking:

For more confessions from people who care for their parents, check out Whisper.

You can't forget about your own needs, even when you're taking care of others:
Being a Good Caregiver Also Means Taking Care of Yourself

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