Dustin Diamond to start serving jail sentence in January

Dustin Diamond to Start Prison Sentence
Dustin Diamond to Start Prison Sentence

Dustin Diamond will start serving his four-month jail sentence in January, after he was convicted in June of two misdemeanor counts of carrying a concealed weapon and behaving in a disorderly manner.

The 38-year-old former Saved by the Bell star withdrew the appeal of his conviction on Wednesday, Reuters reports, and will begin serving his sentence on Jan. 15. The charges stem from a bar fight Diamond was involved in last Christmas Day.

Diamond was reportedly defending his girlfriend from a group of intoxicated patrons at the Grand Avenue Saloon in Port Washington, Wisconsin, at the time, when he produced a knife and stabbed at one of his attackers. While the judge found Diamond innocent of a felony charge of recklessly endangering safety, the actor still received jail time and was ordered to pay a $1,000 restitution.

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The man identified as the stabbing victim told police he did not see Diamond's knife, or initially notice that he had been stabbed. Police said the wounds inflicted by the actor were not life-threatening.

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"Let me express just how sorry I am that a night that centers around celebrating peace and love could turn into a night of immense regret for the rest of one's life," Diamond said at his sentencing in June. "Even though my intentions were solely to defend a loved one, they nevertheless were the cause of the single most terrifying experience of my entire life."

"I want it to be clear that this situation will never be repeated again," Diamond added. "I sincerely apologize to everyone, not just those directly involved, and ask for forgiveness for the way the night was handled."

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Diamond isn't the only Saved by the Bell star to experience some recent headline-making drama. His former co-star, 41-year-old Lark Voorhies, made headlines last month when she appeared to have slammed her ex, Jimmy Green, in an epic Instagram rant. In October, ET confirmed Voorhies filed for divorce from Green, just six months after their Las Vegas wedding.

"Everyone in Pasadena knows you're a joke," a post from Voorhies' Instagram account read. "Gang Member? You lost your job at Taco Bell. Your penis is NOTHING to brag about! Is it normal for a penis to smell like corn chips?"

The actress later claimed on social media that she was hacked.

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