Remember the kids from 'The Nanny'? See what they look like all grown up!

Exclusive Sneak Peek - It's A 'Nanny' Reunion!
Exclusive Sneak Peek - It's A 'Nanny' Reunion!

Let's face it, the 90's were an absolutely incredible time for television. "Friends," "Seinfeld," "Home Improvement," we'd be here for hours listing all the amazing hours of TV in the 90's.

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One show that turned into a cult classic was the CBS, Golden Globe nominated show, "The Nanny." "The Nanny" followed cosmetics saleswoman turned nanny, Fran Fine, played expertly by Fran Drescher.

Fine's task was to take care of the three children of rich British widower, Maxwell Sheffield. Of course, throughout the series, both Sheffield and Fine fall for each other, because, that's how shows worked in the 90's.

It's safe to say that Mr. Sheffield's three children were some of the best in the cast and we were thinking, what are Grace, Margaret and Brighton Sheffield up to now?! To jog your memory, here's a flashback to the wonderful 90's and the cast in all of their glory.

Grace Sheffield, played by Madeline Zima, was the youngest of the trio and has been very busy ever since her days on "The Nanny!"

The 30-year-old Burbank, California born actress is obviously known for her role on the hit 90's show, but has also appeared on Showtime's comedy drama series "Californication," and NBC's "Heroes."

Next up in the Sheffield brood is Brighton, played by Benjamin Salisbury. The now 35-year-old actor has had a small guest role on CBS' "Numbers," and his most recent credit includes a a short film in 2006.

However, he doesn't seem to be doing to shabby. Salisbury has a degree in broadcast journalism and now works for the LA Kings hockey team.

Real Mamas - Facebook
Real Mamas - Facebook

Finally, the eldest of the Sheffield children, Margaret Sheffield! The 37-year-old actress first got her start in the hit movie, "Beethoven," before heading over to play Maxwell Sheffield's oldest daughter.

Tom has kept very busy since her time on "The Nanny," appearing in shows like "Masters of Sex," "Without a Trace" and "Cold Case," along with a variety of projects in the works! Not to mention, she also has a pretty great Instagram game.

No matter where they go, no matter how old they get, Grace, Brighton and Maggie will always be our favorite Sheffields!

Want another blast from the past? Check out the gallery below of pics from the cast of "Seinfeld."

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