Most notable magazine covers of 2015

Kylie Jenner Gets Racier Than Ever

Looking back at magazine covers provides you with a ton of amazing reminders of what happened in the past year, and 2015 is no different.

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Between Caitlyn Jenner's debut, the Cosby accusers taking charge of their collective voices and Khloé Kardashian showing off her year of hard work in the gym, the year was full of notable magazine covers. Of course, notable doesn't always necessarily signify being memorable for the right reasons. For example, Kylie Jenner might look back at 2015 and regret posing in a wheelchair for her "Interview" cover.

Regardless, it's worth remembering the year in magazine covers as it will make you both nostalgic for 2015 and excited about what magazines have in store for 2016.

See all of the most notable magazine covers of 2015:
Most notable magazine covers of 2015
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Most notable magazine covers of 2015
Selena Gomez, V Magazine - Spring 2015​: Selena got pretty much everyone talking this spring when she covered 'V Magazine' topless. In skintight, high-waisted jorts and nothing else save for a Minnie Mouse-eqsue bow in her hair, Gomez proved that even though her relationship with the Biebs is perpetually up in the air, there's no doubt that the starlet is all grown up.
Karlie Kloss & Taylor Swift, Vogue - March 2015: Before TayTay slightly overdid the whole #SquadGoals thing, she was genuinely giving everyone best friend envy. Her 'Vogue' cover with our favorite cookie enthusiast/model and her best friend, Karlie Kloss, was simple, beautiful, and had us doing a serious double take. 
Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Obama & Kerry Washington, Glamour - May 2015: Three leading ladies, one killer cover. Between the coordinated black, white and pale pink dresses, to Kerry's soft smile and Michelle's signature arms, we're all about this cover shot. 
Caitlyn Jenner, Vanity Fair - June 1, 2015: Undoubtedly the most iconic cover on our list, the June 1, 2015 issue of 'Vanity Fair' signaled the introduction of Caitlyn Jenner to the world. Kim K. may have broken the Internet with some champagne and her booty, but Caitlyn completely shattered it.
Miley Cyrus, Paper Magazine - Summer 2015: Miley Cyrus: Artist, actress, LGBTQ advocate and a pig's best friend. On "paper" (excuse the lame pun), a photoshoot involving Miley, a pig, silver hair and some mud shouldn't have worked, but we totally loved this messy shot.
Bill Cosby's accusers, New York Magazine - July 27, 2015: Simple, elegant and powerful, the 35 women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexually assaulting them appearing on the cover of "New York Magazine" together proved to be one of the most memorable -- and important -- magazine covers of the year. It gave voice to Cosby's alleged victims and acknowledged any others who have yet to come forward by featuring an empty chair.
Taraji P. Henson, W Magazine - August 2015: 2015 was the year of "Empire," which means it was really the year of Cookie Lyon, which *really* means that it was the year of Taraji P. Henson. And this cover embodies all of that confidence, power, and sex appeal that characterized Henson's breakout year. You go, boo boo kitty. 
Kim Kardashian, Vogue España - August 2015: The Kardashians may have a signature, contoured look that we all know and hate to love, but Kim's stripped-back, (allegedly) makeup-free photoshoot for "Vogue España"'s August issue was our favorite Kardashian look of the year. Sometimes less really is more.
Amy Schumer, GQ - August 2015: Oh, Amy! Her "Star Wars"-themed photoshoot for GQ's comedy issue was absolute perfection, and her take on Princess Leia made us wish she was in the new "Star Wars" movie. She provided her own take on our favorite pop culture artifacts this year (One Direction, "Friday Night Lights), but this one might just take the cake.
Serena Williams, The New York Times Magazine - August 25, 2015: 16 years after winning her first grand slam, Serena Williams had what was perhaps the best year of her career, winning three out of the four major tournaments and getting two wins from the elusive Grand Slam. This cover, and accompanying story by Claudia Rankine, captured the essence of her power, beauty, attitude, and greatness perfectly.
Khloé Kardashian, Complex Magazine - August/September, 2015: The Kardashian of the people got herself into amazing shape this year and documented it pretty much every day with a gym selfie on Instagram. But it was her "Complex" shoot that really showed off all of her hard work, showing off her hot bod in on oiled-up gym equipment. We're not even going to talk about that booty because we think it speaks for itself.
Gigi and Bella Hadid, V Magazine - Fall 2015: Gigi and Bella, just two parts of the fierce contingent of young models taking over the world via Instagram, had many memorable magazine covers this year. But the one they appeared on together was our favorite, even if they were borderline unrecognizable. 
Nicki Minaj, The New York Times Magazine - October 7, 2015: Magazine cover or Andy Warhol print? We may never know. Regardless, Minaj's cover for the NYTimes Magazine's Culture Issue was completely epic. Her striking features have always looks amazing surrounded by bright colors, but something about this cover truly pierces through. Nicki, what's good?!
The Kardashian Jenner family, Cosmopolitan - November 2015: America's other first family graced the cover of "Cosmopolitan"'s 50th anniversary issue, and we literally couldn't handle it. Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie each look individually beautiful, but all together? We can barely keep up.
Adele, Rollingstone - November 19, 2015: It's crazy to think that all of Adele's amazing moments from 2015 happened in the last two months. The universally-beloved singer's all-natural "Rollingstone" cover is stunning, and allowed her piercing green eyes to shine through. Bow. Down. 
Kylie Jenner, Interview - December 2015: The youngest -- and perhaps most buzz-worthy -- of the Kardashian/Jenner clan turned heads with this shot from her "Interview" photoshoot for posing in a wheelchair, so we're including this just because it sparked so much conversation.

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