HOT DEBATE: Ranking the best and worst NFL jerseys:


Sports are made for great debate. Who is the greatest player of all-time? Which defense is the best ever? What quarterback would you want most with two minutes remaining and the Super Bowl on the line?

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One of the most interesting debates always centers around the uniforms. And by chance, did you see the uniforms the Rams and Bucs wore Thursday night? Wow!

In the National Football League, 32 teams are trying to better the other franchises. Why? For jersey sales and brand recognition. Some hit the mark and others fall woefully short. It seems some teams are changing looks every couple of years, while others have had the same uniform forever.

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For the purposes of this power ranking, we aren't going to include when teams throw in some crazy throwbacks -- we'll shield your eyes.

The teams will be judged on their home, road and alternates, not some nonsense like the Philadelphia Eagles trotted out a few years back with blue and yellow. The same goes for the Pittsburgh Steelers and those hideous bubble bee/prison jumpsuits they have going on occasionally.


2 Point Lead: Worst Jerseys
2 Point Lead: Worst Jerseys