'The Voice' star Justin Johnes talks YouTube, relationships with fans, and more

You probably remember Justin Johnes from the NBC hit show "The Voice", when the young singer scored the the final spot on Blake Shelton's team in Season 7 after performing an incredible rendition of Passenger's "Let Her Go." Justin proved in that moment that he was a force to be reckoned with when it came to pop covers. But if you think Johnes is just a one-trick pony, think again.

The young singer/songwriter has been stepping up his online presence as a YouTube personality, creating unique videos that range from innovative remixes of Top-100 classics, to travel vlogs, to fashion look books and everything in between. And at the rate he is going, Justin Johnes is poised to be the next big YouTube star.

So naturally, we had to pick Justin's brain on all things social media. Ahead, the young singer/songwriter dished on his fast rise to fame, his incredible virtual relationship with his fans, and his favorite musicians.

What was it like to perform on The Voice?
It was my first performance on a stage, so there was a lot of pressure. It was definitely a huge learning experience, but what I learned most from that was the other contestants. I had never been exposed to different worlds of music before that; I always thought "I want to do music so I guess I'm a pop artist. I guess I should sing One Direction, since I'm a boy." I was 15 at the time and it was so eye opening to listen and pull from different genres.

Was there a favorite moment you had while filming?
At the end of the day, I really just made some great friends. Every night was kind of like a jam session around a fireplace. It was a really cool atmosphere, and I think that was my favorite part.

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Who is your favorite artist currently?
There are so many, I think the most obvious choice would have to be Lorde. Her debut was amazing. And her talent? Come on. She is so lyrical in a way where she can express herself in a completely different way compared to other artists. And her rejection of the glamour of pop is just so innovative.

You've got a lot of great stuff on your YouTube channel, what would you say is your favorite original video you've created on YouTube?
I tend to like making the covers a little bit more since it is my passion. The other videos are more lie, "Hi, I'm a human. I'm not just dark brooding, long black coats." My favorite though would have to be my Instagram video, because I do take Instagram very seriously.

What would you say is your process of posting pictures of social media?
I find myself curating little pieces of photography already, so Instagram is just another way for me to do that. I'll admit I'm really bad a Twitter, but I do like it because I get to talk to my fans directly.

How is your relationship with your fans?
It's really incredible. I love talking to my fans and being a part of their lives. Recently, there was one fan in Paris at the time of the attacks and I was direct messaging constantly, telling her to keep me posted and let me know when get home. It was certainly a scary moment but I want my fans to know that I'm always there for them, no matter what.

Who are you following on social media nowadays?
I like Halsey's Instagram, because her pictures really just are so cool and also Banks' account; she has the best outfits.

What you would be doing, if you weren't a YouTuber?
I mean I still would be doing music. If the social aspect was eliminated, I would still be doing what I love.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I am such a mess. I am either actively writing or doing absolutely nothing. And if I'm doing nothing, I'm most likely watching "Daria", "Bob's Burgers" or "American Horror Story."

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