Prisoners build toys to give to children in need for Christmas

Kids Donate Christmas Presents to Toys For Tots
Kids Donate Christmas Presents to Toys For Tots

Inmates at Turney Center Industrial Prison in Hickman County are fully embracing the season of giving by making toys to give to children in need for Christmas. The inmates in the vocational program at the prison are using their skills to build toy cars, rocking horses, and more to donate to the Hickman County Rescue Squad for distribution.

"I hope they feel the same thing we felt when making them," inmate Jeff Dearing told WKRN. "There is a lot of joy putting them together and coming up with the ideas."

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About 40 inmates began creating the toys in a carpentry class in October and have made around 200 toys to date, WKRN reports. "I hope the kids are happy with them and they are pleased," inmate Oliver George said. "I didn't think I could do it as good as I have. I'm pretty impressed with it."

Rebecca Millay, principal of the vocational programs at the prison, got the idea for the project when she saw how well the students were mastering carpentry. "I am amazed because they attend school six hours a day, Monday through Friday, and have gotten a lot done," Millay said. "These are a lot of toys and these are really detailed."

Millay decided the Hickman County Rescue Squad was the best place to donated the toys to. The group works with churches to identify families in need and will deliver the toys.

"These toys are going to be a big help to them," Rescue Squad Chief Tony Warner told WKRN. "They want to give back from where they have taken. I appreciate them having us down here today."

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