People confess shocking reasons they quit their jobs

Sometimes, extraneous circumstances get in the way of everyday commitments like being with family, working out or even being able to do your job. These circumstances might be the result of financial struggle, the illness of a family member or countless other universally understood reasons.

However, not everyone leaves their jobs for the most predictable of reasons. Several people who recently quit their jobs took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to reveal the strange, and sometimes sad, reasons why.

Breakfast in bed on the daily:
 I quit my job so I can sleep in and eat pancakes whenever I want..... 18 days in and still no regrets

Maybe this person's fantasy league will hit the jackpot and he or she will never have to work again:
I quit my job so I could watch the nba playoffs

Priorities might get muddled when it comes to physical urges:
I quit my job because they scheduled me all the evenings my wife was available for sex.

A job that plays Taylor Swift all the time = bad?
I quit my job because i couldn

Not feeling accepted in your professional environment can affect work ethic:
I just quit my job because my boss told me I couldn

If your colleagues and superiors are behaving inappropriately, it's best to find a better working environment anyway:
I quit my job because i got bullied for being over weight by my boss like everyday

Admitting you have a problem is the first step to fixing it:
I had to quit my job in retail because I

Sometimes, a red flag is enough to get out of an uncomfortable job:
I quit my job because my boss wanted me to send a picture of my feet

If your job somehow prevents you from growing a beard, you probably shouldn't be there anyway:
I quit my job so I could grow a beard.

Who would rather be at work than play with a puppy, anyway?
I quit my job because I didn

For more unconventional quitting stories, check out Whisper.

Need some tips on how to leave your job? Watch the video below:

The Best Way to Quit Your Job

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