OnlyOnAOL: The secret to Brie Larson's dazzling red carpet style

Brie Larson Discusses "Room"
Brie Larson Discusses "Room"


Whatever you do, please don't confuse the despondent, fierce and bitter character Brie Larson plays in "Room" with the real deal.

"'Room' is an intense movie and Brie is effervescent and fun. She's not that girl," says her longtime glam guru, Chanel celebrity makeup artist Rachel Goodwin. "She's one of the coolest girls I've ever worked with."

The two have an easy relationship based on mutual trust and affection.

"Brie is an awesome girl. She's down-to-earth and funny and has a real sense of how incredible this experience is. She's super hard-working," says Goodwin.

That's paid off with best actress Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild nominations, along with a host of best-of critics' lists accolades. But while Larson is laser-focused about her work, when it comes to fashion, she's more laid-back.

"It's never stressful. She has a relaxed air about it. She has fun with it," says Goodwin. "It's pretty chill. We have great conversations. We have a really nice time every time. She's very multi-faceted. She has a lot of interests."

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So we asked Goodwin to pick three of her favorite Larson looks.

The Los Angeles premiere of "Room" on Oct. 13: "She had on this incredible Rodarte dress with sequins. It was iridescent. I decided to pick up on that and used a violet color on her eyes. And a soft pale pink lipstick."

Premiere of "Digging For Fire" on August 13 in Hollywood: "She was wearing this beautiful gold dress. A pale gold dress. I did a harmonious bronzy makeup. I liked the softness and simplicity. She's got this very warm undertone to her skin."

The Governor's Awards on Nov. 14 in Los Angeles: "She was so simple and chic in Calvin Klein. She's wearing this very vivid orange-red and it looked so pretty on her."