Lifestyle Collective spotlight: Kale & Caramel

Over the past several years, bloggers have become major influential voices in the lifestyle world. Finding a new blogger you love can be life-changing, so we are here to help you out. Each week we're introducing you to one of our incredible Lifestyle Collective bloggers and up this week is Lily from Kale & Caramel!

If you are looking for a blog with an appreciation for local and seasonal food and stunning photography (that is all taken on an iPhone!) you should check out Kale and Caramel. You will love Lily's wholesome recipes and DIY beauty products made from all natural products that you will want to us!

Find out more about Lily below and to keep up with her recent recipes and beauty DIYs, be sure to follow her!

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Lifestyle Collective spotlight: Kale & Caramel
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Pomegranate honey toning mask
Mini peppermint chocolate mousse tarts
Cranberry coconut scrub
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