Kids choose gifts for their parents over themselves in heartwarming video

Watch These Kids Choose Between A Gift For Themselves Or Their Parents
Watch These Kids Choose Between A Gift For Themselves Or Their Parents

A new heartwarming Christmas video called "The Other Christmas Gift" has gone viral for all the right reasons. When presented with the tough decision to choose a Christmas gift for themselves or for their families, the children featured in the video made the selfless decision to forgo their gift and instead picked the gifts for their families.

The video features children from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta. According to the video, the majority of the kids "come from low-income families, some of which aren't able to afford even a Christmas tree."

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The kids are asked what they want for Christmas and their dream gift is presented in front of them -- along with a gift for their parent.

When asked if he would choose a gift for himself or a ring for his mom, one boy picked the ring for his mom. "Mom wants a ring... she's never really had a ring," he said.

One boy gave up legos for a gift for his family. "Because Legos don't matter. Your family matters. Not Legos, not toys, your family. So it's either family or Legos and I choose family," he said.

When asked why she picked a gift for her mother, one girl explained, "I get gifts every year from my family. My mom doesn't get anything."

"I feel like people think the biggest focus kids have regarding Christmas is getting gifts," creator Rob Bliss told INSIDE EDITION. "I had a feeling that if you were to put that to the test, you'd be proven wrong. That they valued the aspect of family more than the aspect of getting gifts."

About 80% of the children choose the gift for their parent, but no matter the choice all kids went home with both gifts, INSIDE EDITION reported.

Watch below:

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