Family wants son to divorce wife after she kisses a camel

Family Wants Son To Divorce Wife After She Kisses A Camel

A camel has unwittingly caused a family rift.

The incident began when a married woman who lives in Saudi Arabia was seen giving a kiss to the camel.

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She reportedly says the gesture was spontaneous and out of joy for the money their animals were making them, but her mother-in-law viewed it as profane and sacrilegious.

In fact, she wants her son to divorce over the incident.

However, he has sided with his wife who believes the real issue his family has with her is that she hasn't had a baby yet.

She temporarily moved back in with her family during the conflict but plans to rejoin her husband -- as long as they do not live with his mother.

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Family wants son to divorce wife after she kisses a camel
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