British man attempts to avoid parking ticket by leaving the cheekiest note ever

Man Gets Out Of Parking Ticket With Honest Christmas Note
Man Gets Out Of Parking Ticket With Honest Christmas Note

LONDON — Getting angry with traffic wardens might not always be the best approach — sometimes, it pays to charm them instead.

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One chancer in Liverpool recently went for this approach when he was unable to move his car in time due to having had "a Christmas pint with the lads."

Here's the note in full.

Dear Mr/s Traffic Warden,

I will be at my car by 10:30am... Promise!

Please do not book me, I had a Christmas pint with the lads and didn't want to drink and drive, here is a packet of crisps on me!!

Happy Christmas!!

The note finishes with two arrows: one pointing to the "traffic warden crisps," the other leading to an additional note aimed at passersby.

"If you are not the traffic warden please don't rob the crisps," it reads. "Don't be that guy... no one likes that guy!"

The note was spotted by the editor of local news website Liverpool Confidential, Angie Sammons, who later took to Twitter to say she'd tracked down the car's owner.

And according to her subsequent article, the story did have a happy ending.

After reaching out on social media and getting a positive response, Sammons reported that — despite some local traffic wardens being near the scene — the man in question did indeed escape ticket-free.

Apparently they left the crisps, though.

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