OnlyOnAOL: Austin Mahone talks #ThisIsNotTheAlbum, collaborating with Becky G and his mom

New Songs From Austin Mahone Are Available to Stream Now!
New Songs From Austin Mahone Are Available to Stream Now!


Hear those screams of delight in the distance? Well, those are probably the Mahomies freaking out over their idol's new music. Teen megastar Austin Mahone just released a 19-track record on Thursday called "This Is Not The Album" -- for free. And we talked to him all about it.

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The record -- whose title reflects the fact that it is not, in fact, his debut album that his fans have been waiting anxiously for -- serves as a "thank you" to his dedicated fans. What's he thanking them for, exactly?

"I'm thanking my fans for being so patient and so supportive -- they support me day in and day out, even when I don't give them that many songs," he explained to us. "That's why I'm giving them this; they've worked so hard and support me so well, and I just want to give them some great music."

The record, which expertly flips between uptempo dance floor jams and swooning R&B ballads, has an impressive list of featured artists like Chris Brown, T-Pain, Sage The Gemini and, yes, Mahone's ex-girlfriend Becky G. Don't worry, though, the pair may not be romantically involved anymore, but there is no bad blood between them.

See photos from Austin Mahone's recent visit to AOL:

"We're still super cool, and we're good friends. We recorded that song a while ago, though," he recalls. "I asked her before, you know, I said, 'Is it cool if this song is on the project?' and she was like, 'Yeah, of course, I love that song.' So it was really cool."

Mahone says that what was so special about this project was that he did "90 percent" of the work himself with his friend Rob Villa, who's also featured on one of the tracks, at his home studio. His favorite of the 19 tracks? "Same Girl" and "Put It On Me."

We asked him if the number of songs on the project (19) being the same as his current age (19) was a coincidence. It was -- sort of.

"That's what my mom said. I was trying to squeeze out more songs, but I couldn't get them out on time. I was trying to get like 20 or 21. And she was like, 'No, 19 is good! You're 19!'"

Whatever the reason, we're just happy to have 19 new (free!) jams in our lives.

Listen to "This Is Not The Album" below:

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