These kids were asked if a woman could do Santa's job... and most said no

Kids Have Shocking Reactions When Asked If a Woman Can Do Santa's Job
Kids Have Shocking Reactions When Asked If a Woman Can Do Santa's Job

If Santa Claus was a woman, could she do the job?

In a shocking video captured by London-based creative agency Anomaly, children who were asked that question overwhelmingly answered "no," providing varying explanations that seem to point to accepted gender roles.

See the adorable kids respond:

"If she has a baby then she'll be like, doing the presents, taking care of the baby, giving it milk," one little girl said.

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Others said a woman Santa would be unable to navigate the sky and would be too weak to deliver all the presents.

"She would get lost in the sky," a boy said.

"She has to go to the gym," another child notes.

The video, which is part of the #MoreWomen campaign, invites parents to seriously talk with their children about gender inequalities.

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When asked "What do you think she'd be best at," one boy immediately replies: "Cooking."

Still, one boy filmed remains positive about the prospect of a woman Kris Kringle.

"I reckon a lady Santa would be much better because she could fit down the chimneys quicker," he said.

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